Ubuntu packages for wine-0.9.35 are broken

Hartmut Figge h.figge at gmx.de
Sat Apr 14 19:19:24 CDT 2007

>On 4/15/07, Hartmut Figge <h.figge at gmx.de> wrote:

>:( thats not it
>rrasz at capek:/media/hdc6/home/rasz/source/wine-0.9.35$ grep -i
>fontforge config.logconfigure:6046: checking for fontforge
>configure:6062: found /usr/bin/fontforge
>configure:6073: result: fontforge

Mhm, from the log of my compilation:

hafi at t900:~$ grep -i fontforge ~/wine/0.9.35/wine-0.9.35/typescript
checking for fontforge... fontforge
fontforge -script ../fonts/genttf.ff courier.sfd courier.ttf
fontforge -script ../fonts/genttf.ff system.sfd system.ttf
fontforge -script ../fonts/genttf.ff small_fonts.sfd small_fonts.ttf
fontforge -script ../fonts/genttf.ff ms_sans_serif.sfd ms_sans_serif.ttf
fontforge -script ../fonts/genttf.ff marlett.sfd marlett.ttf

That is very similar to that, what Nick has written:

| By selecting a different font via the [edit][fonts] menu option in
| notepad, TrueType fonts appear to work ok, the fonts that are not
| visible are ...
| System
| Courier
| MS Sans Serif
| Small fonts


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