Towards getting the top ten requested apps running...

SorinN nemes.sorin at
Sun Apr 15 08:31:55 CDT 2007

BTW - Dreamweaver8, Flash8, Fireworks8 work for me very well with
Wine. Some (non fundamental ) glitches that needs workarounds still
exists ( I can't install Adobe apps but I copy folders and registry
files and it works ) .

On my vision until Adobe will create native Linux applications - Wine
is the only real tool / chance to bring webdesigners on Linux area.

As a webdesigner - I work with client technology - and the big
majority like to use   APACHE / PHP / MySQL combination - it's clear
why I (and the whole industry) love the Linux  approach - because here
we have the real Web environment (.htacces, rights management, etc).

60% of us (non Mac users, non Websphere users, non ASP / .NET lovers )
work on Windows (because Adobe / Macromedia tools) - and deploy on
Linux / Unix.

Think about complex web applications - with lots  of folders and
subfolders, service apps, etc. - all need to be set with different W/R
and execution credentials and is not OK to try this under MS OS.

The correct way is to have Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks  on Linux -
for real web environment and all parts (Adobe - world of web
Developers - CodeWeavers, Wine ) can be happy.

If you guys could convince Adobe to work with you to solve installer
problem - for Crossover / WineDoors / Wine integration - believe-me,
as time as Adobe apps. will work OK, being well integrated with Linux
structure and services [ here will be a bit of work ] >> developers
will not scream for native Linux Dreamweaver ( why I do this, as time
as on this moment I think Fireworks and Dreamweaver work a bit faster
under Wine ).

On the other hand - Linux is not a world of gamers - it's a world of
developers. So this step could be reflected on money for Adobe,
Crossover and WineDoors.

It's not a big thing maybe for Adobe to cooperate with
Wine/CodeWeavers to turn legally things that already works [ installer
problems and UI rendering glitches ] - but I feel there's a lot of
political reasons over this move. And THIS is hard to understand (1
Adobe don't see the light, 2 Adobe don't wanna see the light, 3 Adobe
still mutually  friends with MS ?? ).

Anyway someone need to broke the wall and initiate a communication
bridge with Adobe.

Only good wishes and light for you all,


2007/4/15, Kai Blin <kai.blin at>:
> On Saturday 14 April 2007 08:47, Dan Kegel wrote:
> > Novell did a survey last year to find out what ten apps
> > people most wanted ported to Linux.  I've put a copy
> > of the results into our wiki here:
> >
> >
> > Wine seems far enough along that it's not unreasonable
> > to consider getting all ten of these apps working over
> > the next year.  (One of them already works great: Lotus Notes.
> > So that's one down, nine to go...)
> Hm, I started poking iTunes a little, but I'm afraid that'll take some work.
> Using native libraries every time I got stuck got me down to a kernel level
> problem. See
> Perhaps someone who's into the dlls I had to override (wintrust, crypt32,
> rpcrt4) can give it a look.
> Cheers,
> Kai
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Nemes Ioan Sorin

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