Compiling quartzdrv

Jaka Jančar jaka at
Sun Apr 15 13:28:39 CDT 2007


I'm trying to compile quartzdrv, just to check it out and test it a bit. 
  I have tried following the instructions at:

There's a bit of ambiguity at the next line:
   $ cp -r ~/drivers/dlls/quartzdrv ~/wine/dlls/winequartz.drv

I assume this was written before any quartzdrv stuff was added to Wine, 
and I have to replace the winequartz.drv with quartzdrv from darwine, 
and not just put it within it (winequartz.drv/quartzdrv/), right?

Also, the patch doesn't apply OK, but looking at the contents of the 
files, I'm not sure it's needed anymore.

When doing "make depend" I get this error:

../../tools/makedep -C. -S../.. -T../..  bitblt.c bitmap.c brush.c 
clipping.c dce.c desktop.c dib.c dib_convert.c dib_dst_swap.c 
dib_src_swap.c displays.c event.c font.c graphics.c init.c keyboard.c 
mouse.c palette.c pen.c quartzdrv_coregraphics.c quartzdrv_main.c 
settings.c text.c window.c winpos.c
gdi.h: No such file or directory
   gdi.h was first included from font.c:24
make[2]: *** [depend] Error 1
make[1]: *** [winequartz.drv/__depend__] Error 2
make: *** [dlls/__depend__] Error 2

I'd very much appreciate it if anyone who knows how to do this right 
updated the wiki, or helped me out a bit, so I can update it.

Also, can anyone explain what the fake Menu and Info.plist files are for?


Jaka Jančar

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