secur32: invert error handling conditions in order to decrease indentation in secur32/wrapper.c.

Kai Blin kai.blin at
Mon Apr 16 09:25:13 CDT 2007

On Monday 16 April 2007 13:20, Yuval Fledel wrote:
> Please reply-to-all next time. I've found your reply on the archive.

Sure, sorry about that.
> I'm working on schannel at the moment. schannel is not a regular SSP,
> and the functions in wrapper.c can't load native. I've implemented the
> proper loading code in my local tree and I'm sending it in obvious
> pieces. no-op cleanups is the first step.

Ok, fair enough. If you are going to work on this, feel free to clean up.

> I could implement schannel as a normal SSP and use the current code.
> However, if I can do something closer to what native does, I'd better
> do it.

Sure. I guess Juan Lang will be interested in this (I've CCed him), as he's 
been working on this for quite some time now.

> Not that loading native schannel is a piece of cake. It does require
> faking lsass (done), and implementing lots of functions everywhere
> (userenv, crypt32, ntdll, rsaenh: I'll send after a cleanup and
> writing tests).
> The current stage is that native schannel loads and initializes, but
> builtin rsaenh does not supply everything it needs, so it can't
> complete the ssl handshake. Native rsaenh requires unimplemented stuff
> in ntdll.

Interesting. I'll keep an eye out for those patches.


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