Better support for IL-2 Sturmovik

Briareos auronsrv at
Mon Apr 16 12:44:19 CDT 2007


I subscribed to this list, because I want to help in developing wine so that 
(my current favorite) simulation works better. Egoistic hah :) ? - a good 
motivation though ...

The first thing I want to go for is the networking support, which does not 
work at all. So I started off with the Developers Guide, but I noticed while 
debugging, that I could use some "instant" guidance - some person available 
via ICQ, any other IM or even TeamSpeak who can give quick hints.

Maybe here somebody might also be interested in providing better support for 
this game and even wants to cooperate with me in the development.

I am trying to track down the problem which causes the game Sturmovik not to 
be able to connect to a server. As I didn't find any other link to a person 

So if any of you are often online in any IM and want to provide help, I would 
appreciate it.

Thanks in advence

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