wine 0.9.35 Something strange happened with the fonts ?

Nick Law nlaw at
Mon Apr 16 17:14:29 CDT 2007

Well, I don't quite know what happened there with the fonts, however my 
fonts are now back working by deleting the contents of the fonts folder 
c:\windows\fonts\ and simply copying in verdana.ttf + bold+italics etc 
into this folder.

The reason I had to copy verdana was because the application 'anno 
domini' copies a font called broadway into  \windows\fonts\  then  
another  application  'Virtual Mechanics Webengine' then uses the 
broadway font for it's license dialogue box, presumably because that's 
the only font present in c:\windows\fonts\ unless verdana is in 
/windows/font/ directory then it uses that which looks an awful lot more 
legible than the broadway font.

So it seems to be working now, however I have a question.

When you run notepad.exe and look at the fonts available, with an empty 
windows\fonts\ directory notepad lists about 51 fonts, all of which are 
truetype except 1. So why are these fonts not in \windows\fonts\ where 
applications such as webengine can find them ?

And how does fontforge figure in this equation, I assume it generates 
the 51 fonts & then wine passes those fonts in some way. However won't 
that cause a problem for applications that expect to find fonts present 
in \windows\fonts ?


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