wine 0.9.30-35 Something strange happened with the fonts ?

Nick Law nlaw at
Tue Apr 17 16:08:36 CDT 2007

Huw Davies wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 17, 2007 at 01:03:03AM +0100, Nick Law wrote:
>> Nick Law wrote:
>>> Well, I don't quite know what happened there with the fonts, however 
>>> my fonts are now back working by deleting the contents of the fonts 
>>> folder c:\windows\fonts\ and simply copying in verdana.ttf + 
>>> bold+italics etc into this folder.
>>> The reason I had to copy verdana was because the application 'anno 
>>> domini' copies a font called broadway into  \windows\fonts\  then  
>>> another  application  'Virtual Mechanics Webengine' then uses the 
>>> broadway font for it's license dialogue box, presumably because that's 
>>> the only font present in c:\windows\fonts\ unless verdana is in 
>>> /windows/font/ directory then it uses that which looks an awful lot 
>>> more legible than the broadway font.
>>> So it seems to be working now, however I have a question.
>>> When you run notepad.exe and look at the fonts available, with an 
>>> empty windows\fonts\ directory notepad lists about 51 fonts, all of 
>>> which are truetype except 1. So why are these fonts not in 
>>> \windows\fonts\ where applications such as webengine can find them ?
>>> And how does fontforge figure in this equation, I assume it generates 
>>> the 51 fonts & then wine passes those fonts in some way. However won't 
>>> that cause a problem for applications that expect to find fonts 
>>> present in \windows\fonts ?
>>> Regards
>>> Nick
>> I tied it down to a specific font sserief.fon 18,576 bytes (generated 
>> with fontforge ?) This being present in \windows\fonts causes the 
>> license & help dialogues text to be blank in the webengine application.. 
>> while in notepad MS sans serif text is also blank. Another, much larger 
>> sserief.fon file (about 62Kbytes) was present in X11/truetype (which may 
>> have come from a windows system ?) was used instead which worked just 
>> fine in both notepad & webengine. So could fontforge be producing a bad 
>> sserief.fon file or .fon files that wine has trouble displaying ?. I 
>> checked back to  0.9.30  and  the md5  of the sserief.fon file is the 
>> same  as the file in  0.9.35. so the fon file hasn't changed so is it 
>> something in wine changed between version 0.9.30 &  35  ?
>> Is it the case these .fon files should not be in /windows/fonts
> We shouldn't be installing fonts into c:\windows\fonts.  They go into
> /usr/share/wine/fonts where Wine should find them (or they'll be found
> in the build tree if you're running straight from there).
> fontforge earlier than about Jan 2006 does have some problems
> generating the bitmap fonts, so that may be part of your problem.
> Huw.
/usr/share/wine/fonts does not exist on my system. Is this directory 
supposed to be created by wine/winecfg or by the make install when 
compiling from source.

I've compiled again from source & started with a fresh .wine directory 
but /usr/share/wine/fonts/ still does not exist. Are you sure that's 
correct or do have to manually create the directory ?


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