wine 0.9.30-35 Something strange happened with the fonts ?

Marcus Meissner marcus at
Tue Apr 17 16:17:36 CDT 2007

> >We shouldn't be installing fonts into c:\windows\fonts.  They go into
> >/usr/share/wine/fonts where Wine should find them (or they'll be found
> >in the build tree if you're running straight from there).
> >
> >fontforge earlier than about Jan 2006 does have some problems
> >generating the bitmap fonts, so that may be part of your problem.
> >
> >Huw.
> >  
> /usr/share/wine/fonts does not exist on my system. Is this directory 
> supposed to be created by wine/winecfg or by the make install when 
> compiling from source.
> I've compiled again from source & started with a fresh .wine directory 
> but /usr/share/wine/fonts/ still does not exist. Are you sure that's 
> correct or do have to manually create the directory ?

Btw, WINE finds other TrueType fonts just easily in other directories
using fontconfig. (as far as I know)

Ciao, Marcus

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