Better Debugging Possibilities for Wine on Ubuntu

Stephan Hermann sh at
Wed Apr 18 02:18:00 CDT 2007

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Dear Colleagues,

As Scott Ritchie knows, I'm at the moment the reponsible person for
Wine on Ubuntu.
I hope that you all know, Ubuntu has a new system for filing 
crash reports and stacktraces. (named apport aka automatic crash
reports, some documentation is found at

Those reports are working quite well for all apps in Ubuntu, but not as
expected for Wine, especially when windows apps are involved.

We discussed yesterday about this problem, and now we want your help,
to make things better.

What we need from you:

	- What do you need from us (Ubuntu) to get better backtraces
when wine crashes (especially wine-preloader)
	- How can we work together in a better way? (e.g. 
crashreport will be filed in launchpad (
automatically, can we file a bugreport automatically in your
	- If yes, what information do you really need, what can we tell
the users, who are reporting those crashes, what they have to do to
fullfill your needs for the bugreport and debugging (e.g. try to
reproduce the crash while running wine in gbd, doing a backtrace with
bt full, or what so ever)

Finally, we would like to have more involvement of you, Wine
Developers, to make Wine a vital piece of software for Ubuntu. 

And now a little call for help to Scott Ritchie :)

Scott, we talked some time ago about having you in our MOTU team, for
maintaining not only debian/ubuntu packages at winehq, but also for
We, the Ubuntu MOTU team, and I personally think, this would be quite
good having you on board. 
I know, that you are working hard on your packages, and we need your
help. If you want, please get in touch with me (email:
sh at sourcecode,de or jabber JID:sh at and let's discuss
how we can get you easily in our MOTU team.

Thanks for your attention, 

Stephan aka \sh @
- -- 
Stephan Hermann
Ubuntu Developer
shermann at
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