Better Debugging Possibilities for Wine on Ubuntu

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Wed Apr 18 08:11:28 CDT 2007

Stephan Hermann wrote:
> 	- What do you need from us (Ubuntu) to get better backtraces
> when wine crashes (especially wine-preloader)

As Marcus mentioned the best trace you can get is from the Wine's own
debugger. Of course it would be even better with debug symbols installed
on the system.

> 	- How can we work together in a better way? (e.g. 
> crashreport will be filed in launchpad (
> automatically, can we file a bugreport automatically in your
> bugzilla?)

I would say NO. Wine crashes all the time for a lots of reasons. Some of
those reasons have nothing to do with Wine itself. Some times they are a
result of the missing feature. Creating bug-report for each crash won't
help anyone, but will deplete resources of the server hosting bugzilla.

Looking at your test report, it's bug # 219 in Wine's bugzilla. No crash
report is require there. It's enough to see "secdrv.sys" and mentioning
of the ntoskrnl.exe.

In general the most useful pieces of information are ... complete
terminal output, $PWD and the command used to start an application. Also
the exact Wine version $(wine --version), and where did it came from
(self-compiled or binary). All of them are absent from the report.


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