Better Debugging Possibilities for Wine on Ubuntu

Marcus Meissner marcus at
Wed Apr 18 11:15:10 CDT 2007

> > In general the most useful pieces of information are ... complete
> > terminal output, $PWD and the command used to start an application.
> > Also the exact Wine version $(wine --version), and where did it came
> > from (self-compiled or binary). All of them are absent from the
> > report.
> That's one report generated by apport, which is, as you and others
> were writing, totally useless (that was my first impression, too)
> So, I'll go back to normal business for bugreporting and pointing the
> users to winedbg.

Again, if you can get it to run the backtrace with "wine-pthread" 
as binary, it will likely be better.

(gdb wine-pthread, attach pid, bt ... does show more)

I have however no clue how apport works and if this can be done there.

Ciao, Marcus

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