secur32: invert error handling conditions in order to decrease indentation in secur32/wrapper.c.

Yuval Fledel yuvalfl at
Mon Apr 16 06:20:21 CDT 2007

> On Saturday 14 April 2007 00:56, Yuval Fledel wrote:
> > - the patch is a no-op.
> While I like to do the same to functions I work on, is there any reason you
> need to change this for wrapper.c? It hasn't been changed for quite a while
> and seems feature complete.
> Kai

Hi Kai,

Please reply-to-all next time. I've found your reply on the archive.

I'm working on schannel at the moment. schannel is not a regular SSP,
and the functions in wrapper.c can't load native. I've implemented the
proper loading code in my local tree and I'm sending it in obvious
pieces. no-op cleanups is the first step.

I could implement schannel as a normal SSP and use the current code.
However, if I can do something closer to what native does, I'd better
do it.

Not that loading native schannel is a piece of cake. It does require
faking lsass (done), and implementing lots of functions everywhere
(userenv, crypt32, ntdll, rsaenh: I'll send after a cleanup and
writing tests).

The current stage is that native schannel loads and initializes, but
builtin rsaenh does not supply everything it needs, so it can't
complete the ssl handshake. Native rsaenh requires unimplemented stuff
in ntdll.

On Saturday 14 April 2007 00:56, Detlef wrote:
> I suggest to modify only one Function per Patch
> (max. two Functions, when they work together and the total Patch-size
> is small).

Will do.

Yuval Fledel

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