gethostbyname(my_name) and IL2-Sturmovik CONTINUED

Briareos auronsrv at
Fri Apr 20 05:09:55 CDT 2007

Hello list,

I want to continue a discussion about a problem already reported by David 
Nolden in December 2005. It is about what gethostbyname should return if 
given the machines name and does not only affect IL-2 Sturmovik. Placing a 
quick cite of him here:

The Problem: gethostbyname(own_name) always returns 
The socket is then bound to the ip-adress, and to it's corresponding 
loopback-interface, so it's unusable. Any connection-request times out.

All the discussion back then happened (in wine-devel) between the 12.12.2005 
and 14.12.2005. Subject: "gethostbyname(my_name) and IL2-Sturmovik"
And a Patch: wine-patches: 17.01.2006 02:00:21 Subject: gethostbyname-patch

Check also Bug #7929 (duplicated by #8075).

My opinion is simple:
To me it's logical that you get when pinging your local hostname, 
but if windows does give the IP of your NIC then wine should do as well - as 
we want to reach compatibility.

If, on the other hand, you say it's simply bad programming done by the 
app-developer if he tries to fetch the IP of the NIC that way, I'd say let's 
still comply to it, because its more likely than having a programmer 
expecting to get when asking for "localhostname".

Any comments welcome!

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