secur32: invert error handling conditions in order to decrease indentation in secur32/wrapper.c.

Yuval Fledel yuvalfl at
Fri Apr 20 05:47:10 CDT 2007

On 17/04/07, Juan Lang wrote:
> Sorry for the late reply.
> > > I'm working on schannel at the moment. schannel is not a regular SSP,
> > > and the functions in wrapper.c can't load native. I've implemented the
> > > proper loading code in my local tree and I'm sending it in obvious
> > > pieces. no-op cleanups is the first step.
> I'm curious how schannel gets loaded, and how you figured it out.  Could
> you enlighten me?

Robert's patch to add schannel.dll that forwards to secur32.dll tipped
me. All the regular SSP (Security Support Provider) functions are
forwarded to secur32, including enumeration and initialization.
secur32 has to get its entry points somehow, so I looked into the few
functions that are not forwarded.

It turns out that schannel is implemented as an SSP/AP (Authentication
Package), which means that it is loaded into the address space of
lsass too. Later reading suggested that this was done to enable
single-sign-on using client certificates. I just load it into the user
address space and faked the callbacks/copytouser/copyfromuser.

A side effect would be that it would also load kerberos.dll and
msv1_0.dll, but we don't really need them. Using native posix krb5 is
not hard and would integrate with the system better.

> If you need reviews of this, I'm happy to look at early patches.

I'll send you off-list after a small cleanup.

> > > The current stage is that native schannel loads and initializes, but
> > > builtin rsaenh does not supply everything it needs, so it can't
> > > complete the ssl handshake. Native rsaenh requires unimplemented stuff
> > > in ntdll.
> What stuff, out of curiosity?

Small functions mostly. You'll see it in wine-patches soon.

> I'm very interested to see progress in this area.  Thanks!

I'm silently tracking your work in this area for years (and later
Kai's). I was just busy with another open source project. I dropped
from that one and now I have time for wine :-).

> --Juan

Yuval Fledel

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