wineshelllink: fall back to $HOME if $HOME/Desktop does not exist

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Fri Apr 20 20:40:33 CDT 2007

Jeff L wrote:
> Lei Zhang wrote:
>> Hi,
>> As reported in bug 7373, some people do not have a Desktop directory
>> in their home directory. Wineshelllink should fall back to putting
>> .desktop files in the home directory if the Desktop directory does not
>> exist.
> Is there a reason why we should not just create a Desktop directory? 
> Seems neater than cluttering up the home.

Because this would probably be changed again some time in the near
future. There isn't anything in FreeDesktop standards about this. But
some discussions going on about using localized version of this dir. So
instead of stomping on some distros that show users their whole home
dir, we play along and just dump more stuff there :)


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