wineshelllink: fall back to $HOME if $HOME/Desktop does not exist

Jeff L lats at
Sat Apr 21 02:59:55 CDT 2007

James Hawkins wrote:
> On 4/20/07, Jeff L <lats at> wrote:
>> James Hawkins wrote:
>> >>
>> >> Is there a reason why we should not just create a Desktop directory?
>> >> Seems neater than cluttering up the home.
>> >>
>> > I sure wouldn't want some app creating a Desktop directory in my home
>> > folder if it didn't exist before.
>> I don't know which is better, a lot of files appearing in my home or a
>> new directory.  Lots of apps create directories to organise files and we
>> take it on the chin.
> The directories you're referring to are usually hidden directories.
The point may be moot.  Though logically, if the directory is usually 
hidden then wine controls how it looks and the user does not normally 
care.  In the case of missing directories it seems reasonable to create 
them for consistency and conformity.  If the user chooses to change, 
fine.  If the link or the directory is missing then the standard fix up 
would be to recreate them.

Jeff Latimer

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