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Kai Blin kai.blin at
Sat Apr 21 04:31:51 CDT 2007

On Saturday 21 April 2007 00:20, Yuval Fledel wrote:
> ntsecpkg.h specifies the interface with Authentication Security
> Support Providers.

This is a quick glance over your file, comparing with the implementation I had 
lying around on my box.

> The first 50 lines were imported from w32api. The rest was submitted
> to w32api too.

The ISC_* and ASC_* #defines are useless. You include security.h, which in 
turn includes sspi.h which contains all of those.
SECURITY_NATIVE_DREP and SECURITY_NETWORK_DREP are defined in rpc.h, no need 
to have them in ntsecpkg.h

Looking at other include files, I don't think
+#if __GNUC__ >=3
+#pragma GCC system_header
+#include "windef.h"
+#include "ntsecapi.h"
+#include "security.h"
should be in there.

> I wish I could make the patch smaller, however the last two lines
> depend on all the rest, and the rest is useless without the last two.

You could make the patch mor readable by adding the occasional new line 
between the typedefs of all those structs. 

Looking good otherwise.

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