[PATCH] Make wine build with the Intel CC [Resent]

Jonathan Schleifer js at h3c.de
Sun Apr 22 07:28:39 CDT 2007

It seems my replies never got through because I wasn't subscribed to the
list, but instead using gmane. I subscribed now and resent all my

Maarten Lankhorst <m.b.lankhorst at gmail.com> wrote:

> Ok, Please when responding add wine-devel to CC so others can follow
> discussion.

Forgot that, just hit reply. Did that now.

> It's working well for gcc

Which means nothing since gcc often has a very strange, non-standard

> so I would try to find out how gcc works

It ignores that it's defined twice.

> around it and then work around the same way
> .. not adding ifdefs everywhere.

The only idea would be to comment out the whole #ifdef __i386__ if
__INTEL_COMPILER is defined. But I guess that's even worse.

> Some part of headers do checks specifically on GCC, you might want to
> do the same for icc.

ICC defines __GNUC__. And I guess that's the problem. I added some
&& !defined(__INTEL_COMPILER) in winbase.h, but they didn't help.

> Probably, but if you want to get code past julliard it is recommended
> to follow certain guidelines, one of them is not making an unnecesary
> #ifdef hell.

I don't see another way at the moment.


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