The Alky Project

Ian Macfarlane ianmacfarlane at
Mon Apr 23 10:09:51 CDT 2007

The Inquirer has an interesting article about something called the
Alky Project which claims to have initial support for DirectX 10 on
Windows XP (and possibly other operating systems).

The Inquirer article is here (it links to a number of bits of info
about the project):

They've released some sample DirectX 10 DLL files here:

which they claim support at least one of the DirectX 10 demos fairly
well (there's a readme in the zip, which is small, only 824k).

I see that some person with an interest in WINE has already asked
about this, to make sure they're not ripping off WINE, and they've
responded with some details (including a bit of code) here:

Just posting this in case any developers haven't seen this yet and
would like to know about it - sorry if it's just repeating stuff you
already know, but I couldn't find anything in wine.devel about it.

Best wishes

Ian Macfarlane
(I'm not affiliated with any of the stuff mentioned in this email)

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