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Am Montag 23 April 2007 17:32 schrieb H. Verbeet:
> On 23/04/07, Ian Macfarlane <ianmacfarlane at> wrote:
> > The Inquirer has an interesting article about something called the
> > Alky Project which claims to have initial support for DirectX 10 on
> > Windows XP (and possibly other operating systems).
> My impression is that the Alky project severely underestimates the
> amount of work involved in making this work right.
Actually, they tend to announce something to generate some buzz, put 
themselves on slashdot and other pages to get a few people shell out the $50 
for their "sapling" program, only to stop the whole thing with some excuse a 
few months later.

First, they started as an open source project to "convert" Win32 PE binaries 
to Linux ELF and MacOS binaries, and a set of libraries to give the code the 
APIs it needs. Some day the project just vanished.

A little bit later on it came back as a closed source project which promised 
to convert the prey demo, which uses OpenGL and doesn't need much fixup for 
the api.

Later on they announced that they'd work on new d3d apps like TES:Oblivion, 
etc. Eventually they ditched that for working on converting d3d10 apps.

Now they came around with their d3d10 lib for winxp. From a quick look at the 
strings in the lib, they use opengl, but import only very, very basic 
functions like glBegin, glVertex, glTexImage. No shader things, no 
multitexturing, no vertex / index buffer things. With their function they can 
only have a software renderer(which won't run any real game), or its just a 
hello world d3d10 implementation which doesn't do much more than return 
D3D_OK on CreateDeviceAndSwapchain(which would fit the few success/failure 
reports I saw).
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