Removal of unused audio drivers

Andrew Ziem andrewz at
Mon Apr 23 12:46:13 CDT 2007

Jonathan Ernst wrote:
> Le lundi 23 avril 2007 à 09:23 -0600, Andrew Ziem a écrit :
> [...]
>> By the way, in LTSP, ESD's major deficiency is not being able to control 
>> the volume from things like the GNOME sound applet, so there's some 
>> interest in (but no support for) changing to PulseAudio.
> LTSP on Ubuntu feisty uses PulseAudio already (instead of ESD).

Perhaps that's just Feisty or LTSP 5.  I think most LTSP systems still 
use LTSP 4.  (After all, Feisty is very new, and LTSP 5 is only 
available for the new Ubuntu and Debian.)

In any case, I wish Wine would keep esd support for a while.


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