D3DRM: Thanks a lot, Wine people

David.Adam at math.cnrs.fr David.Adam at math.cnrs.fr
Tue Apr 24 10:17:24 CDT 2007


my first "real" patches for wine were accepted. I would to thank all  
wine people for their kindness, and their help to make these patche  

Now I can play Motocross Madness 2 out the box :D :D :D

Specially, I would like to thanks Vijay for his help to start the  
implementation, and Dmitry who gave a lot of advice without becoming  
nervous in view of my unabilty in wine.

I thanks too Alexandre to accept these patch and modify them silently :)

In the modifications, I saw that the defintion of vectors,  
quaternions... in d3drmdef.h was replaced by a call to d3dtypes.h

In fact I copied the beginning of d3drmdef.f from the dsound.h file.
Can we not modify this file too?


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