NONE folder ???

Tom Spear speeddymon at
Tue Apr 24 15:22:04 CDT 2007

While looking thru my ~/.wine/drive_c and my home directory today, I
noticed that there is a folder called NONE that was created after I
redid my wine install from the ground up last night.  Looking thru it,
there is a subfolder called var/cache/fontconfig and in that folder is
a bunch of files that have filenames that look like md5 checksums with
-x86.cache-2 at the end.  The files are binary files, so I can't tell
what they are used for, but since the name has fontconfig in them, I
know they were created by fontforge.  Question is, why does this
folder and these files exist in my home directory, as well as every
directory on my drive_c, and what are they for?



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