[try2] kernel32: Add partial stub for NeedCurrentDirectoryForExePath - what's wrong?

Kirill K. Smirnov lich at math.spbu.ru
Wed Apr 25 00:47:31 CDT 2007

> >
> > For containing backshash. Yes, comment must be better.
> A comment that states you're looking for a backslash is superfluous;
> the code makes that obvious.  A better comment would be 'check for
> filename only' or something along those lines.
Maybe, 'MSDN claims that if filename contains backshash then return value is 
always TRUE'?

> How do you know that's 
> what this function does if you haven't tested it?
I've mentioned an MSDN article in the patch. There are some glimpses what this 
function does. Easy, isn't it? ;-)

That MSDN article is rather strange: it claims, that filename is the name of 
executable file, but in wine traces of cmd.exe I can see '.' (dot) as an 


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