Using A- instead of W-calls in tests

Paul Vriens at
Wed Apr 25 01:23:25 CDT 2007


There are several tests where we use W-calls where we could use
A-calls to accomplish the same test goal. Most of the time this means
some of these will fail on Win9x or WinME as they are not by default
Unicode enabled.

Do we need write our tests with A-calls ? For Wine this doesn't matter
if we're forwarding the call to a W-call. I do think it could matter
on Windows or does Windows also do the forwarding?

As an example: there are several CryptAcquireContextW calls in the
cert tests for crypt32. These fail with an ERROR_CALL_NOT_IMPLEMENTED
on win98 and following tests that rely on the return valuse also fail.
Should these tests be re-written to use CryptAcquireContextA or should
we skip to avoid the hassle.

I just want some opinions. I know Alexandre already mentioned not
being to worried about failing win98 tests but I like to see an all
green (with some blue borders) page :-).



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