winetricks: Add Package "gecko"

Dan Kegel dank at
Wed Apr 25 19:38:54 CDT 2007

Detlef wrote:
> gecko is required before we can add the flashplayer

I'm a bit confused.  Wine will load gecko itself on demand,
why do you need it in winetricks?  Presumably to get
rid of the mouse click required when Wine autodownloads gecko?

Your patch seems ok but I wonder if exposing details about
how gecko is installed is a good idea.  It'd be nice for wine
to offer a quiet mode for gecko installation itself.  Winetricks
really is for third party stuff wine doesn't have control over.

Also, are you planning to also add the flashplayer to winetricks?
I didn't quite understand your comment.

Finally, James is right, winetricks patches may as well go straight to me...
- Dan

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