Patch: please review fixes to wineshelllink

Ben Taylor sol11x86 at
Thu Apr 26 15:51:43 CDT 2007

wineshelllink uses a bash/ksh construct like "$(get_menu_entries)", but
since Solaris' /bin/sh is truly /bin/sh and not bash/ksh, it fails on this call.
I have modified it to use a more "compatible" method suggested by
Dan Kegel.

In addition, the awk command uses the "match" function, but again this
is native to gawk and nawk, and this fails with Solaris' native awk command.

I have tested this in Solaris with this code, and the original wineshelllink
with a "#!/bin/bash" and replacing awk with gawk, and I got menu items on
my desktop.  

Could a few folks sanity check this on a linux system to make sure it's kosher.

I'm still fighting getting wine compiled in my ubuntu system.


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