SambaXP 2007 Report, Day 3

Kai Blin kai.blin at
Sat Apr 28 03:16:17 CDT 2007

Hi folks,

sorry for the lag in sending in the report for day three of the SambaXP 
conference, I've been busy traveling back and catching up with things at 

The last day of SambaXP was split into two tracks again, one being "case study 
and vendor report", the other a developer track. I spent most of my time in 
the developer track, but you might want to check out 
in a week or two to see the slides (and listen to the oggs) of some of the 
case study talks.

A notable talk in the morning was Stefan Metzmacher's talk on active directory 
replication. Most of the audience seemed to miss the significance of the 
talk, but personally I think this is one of the important milestones in 
Samba's history. It's much easier now to move from a Windows PDC to a Samba 
PDC, as Samba can just grab the active directory via the normal replication 

Later that day Lars Müller from the Samba team was talking about uniform Samba 
binaries as a way to get feedback about fixed bugs without the user having to 
know about compiling the sources. That might be an interesting idea to keep 
an eye on, Wine might want something similar once we go 1.0, and I figure 
that Samba will have something like that set up in 6-18 months.

The most interesting talk on Wednesday was given by Julien Kerihuel from 
OpenChange. The OpenChange people are building an open source replacement for 
Exchange. In order to properly support this, they are working on decoding the 
MAPI protocl, and they also provide a libmapi library for client 
applications. As a proof of concept, they have an evolution plugin that'll 
allow evolution to talk to exchange using MAPI. The talk had a couple of 
demonstrations of the functionality that were greeted with applause from the 
audience. While OpenChange still has a bumpy road ahead, I'm pretty sure they 
will manage. OpenChange is the Samba of groupware, definetely a project to 

The most exiting talk of the day, at least in my personal biased opinion, was 
in the case study track. But my perspective on that might be a little off, as 
that was the talk I was giving. I think it was recieved well by the audience.
It probably won't be too interesting for you folks as you already know what 
Wine is all about. ;)

The last talk I attended on that day was given by David Holder, who works for 
Erion, a company that does IPv6 consulting. He had analyzed the Samba source 
code to check how much work it would be to make Samba IPv6-ready. cifs and 
Samba4 are almost there, Samba3 needs some work. This is mostly due to the 
fact that NBT doesn't do IPv6 by design and some of the Samba3 code still is 
coupled to this.

This is the last installment of this year's SambaXP report. More about Samba 
from a Wine perspective will certainly follow.


Kai Blin, <kai Dot blin At gmail Dot com>
WorldForge developer
Wine developer
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