quicken 2007 ungodly slow

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Sun Apr 29 11:01:41 CDT 2007

I can run quicken 2007 (after a fresh
  wget kegel.com/wine/winetricks
  sh winetricks fakeie6 vcrun2005
and telling winecfg not to let the window manager manage windows),
but GUI updates are incredibly slow (as in, twenty seconds to
draw the main screen).   oprofile shows profiles like

samples  %        image name               app name                 symbol name
367948   60.6432  no-vmlinux               no-vmlinux               (no symbols)
57404     9.4610  libc-2.5.so              libc-2.5.so              (no symbols)
21210     3.4957  ntdll.dll.so             ntdll.dll.so
14774     2.4350  libwine.so.1.0           libwine.so.1.0
11751     1.9367  ntdll.dll.so             ntdll.dll.so
10359     1.7073  ntdll.dll.so             ntdll.dll.so
10203     1.6816  libwine.so.1.0           libwine.so.1.0
7259      1.1964  ntdll.dll.so             ntdll.dll.so
6746      1.1118  ntdll.dll.so             ntdll.dll.so

so perhaps it's going crazy on file i/o.  I haven't really
looked into this yet.  (I confess I was hoping to see
gdiplus as the smoking gun, but it never got above
about a percent.)
- Dan
p.s. I don't have kernel symbols because I haven't figured
out how to find vmlinux on ubuntu yet, nor does ubuntu
make it easy to compile one.  (vmlinuz won't do, nor do
I know how to uncompress it.)

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