Winscard support (for smart cards)

Mounir IDRASSI mounir.idrassi at
Mon Apr 30 07:26:04 CDT 2007

Hi Eric,
I have tested your hint concerning the final single call to
MultiByteToWideChar in order to convert the whole area but it didn't
work: even when I specify the whole length of the multi-string, it keeps
stoping at the first NULL character. I guess MultiByteToWideChar and
WideCharToMultiString don't understand multi-strings ( MSDN say nothing
about that).

IDRIX - Cryptography and IT Security Experts

Eric Pouech wrote:
> you have to ensure that binary compat is present for both pcsc-lite
> and MS APIs
> if not, then you'll have to convert back and forth the non "portable"
> types  
> actually, we don't provide exported variables when those are used from
> a native module (those would work from a builtin module though)
> if you really need to access them from a builtin module you have to:
> - define a pointer to this (exported) variable
> - get the address of this variable:
> GetProcAddress(GetModuleHandle("modname.dll"), "varname")
> - access the variable through the pointer
> A+

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