winex11.drv: provide a workaround for apps that need 32-bit screen depth

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at
Mon Apr 30 15:49:59 CDT 2007

On Monday 30 April 2007 01:25:02 pm Louis. Lenders wrote:
> AFAICS there's no  real fix for this now,
> as X11 visual reports back screendepth 24. Even by setting the registrykey
> "ScreenDepth" to 32, the applications fail.

I actually had a semi-working fix for this. What I did was create a small, 
temporary pixmap at initialization using the same visual as the screen, then 
getting the pixmap's bpp value, which would correctly give 32bpp that 
winex11.drv could then use to report for BITSPIXEL. It would also still work 
for 16 and true 24bpp modes.

However, the problem is that there's places that assume BITSPIXEL is the same 
as the color depth (which for the case of 32bpp, is not true).

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