Wine Kernel Handle Support Module

James Keane james.keane at
Wed Aug 8 01:09:46 CDT 2007

I have been working on something that might be useful for kernel
integration.  It is a way for wine to create its own interrupt, so
that a wine server/kernel/handle/whatever function could be called
from userspace with a simple INT 0xwhatever.  Just as linux uses int

The only problem I could see with this technique is that it directly
modifies the IDT, which only exists on i386/amd64 architectures, so
that means we would have to find something else.

I am not sure if this is the direction that some people want to take,
because I am sure this modification of the IDT would be considered
improper by kernel types but come on, I mean i386 has something like
200 software interrupts and linux uses only one.

As it stands now, I have code that works perfectly with amd64
processors and just need to implement the actual wine system calls for
handles or whatever it is.  i386 support is a stones throw away, I
just need to setup a virtual machine.

I know there is some discussion of what should be put in the kernel
module, so I am asking for advice on what to implement... ie. just
handles, everything wineserver does, etc.

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