Wine Kernel Handle Support Module

Michael Ost most at
Thu Aug 9 11:48:38 CDT 2007

>>> I know there is some discussion of what should be put in the kernel
>>> module, so I am asking for advice on what to implement... ie. just
>>> handles, everything wineserver does, etc.
>> The first question is:
>> 	Why do you want to do that and what specifically do
>> 	you want to achieve?
> A small step towards less overhead in client <-> server calls?

One _big_ vote for putting thread sync primitives --- events, 
semaphores, mutexes and critical sections --- in. We had to build a 
custom Wine to get acceptable realtime performance (thanks, Ulrich!). 
The client <-> server were causing high priority threads to block on low 
priority ones.

I guess a test case would be something that shows how a high priority 
thread blocking on a sync primitive, while some low priority thread is 
doing some unrelated server heavy stuff, like lots of graphics updates.

Cheers... mo

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