ANNOUNCE: Wine/Mono Regression Test Suite

Matt Jones mattj at
Thu Aug 9 12:49:40 CDT 2007

On 8/7/07, Dan Kegel <dank at> wrote:
> Matt wrote:
> > ...I've found that running the mono regression test suite has
> > given me a better idea of how to approach debugging mono/wine.
> > ...
> >
> I downloaded this and had a look just now.
> The instructions still refer to the deprecated 1.1 branch of
> mono, and I hear to run on wine, one needs something newer
> than the latest released version of mono.  So I tried building
> mono from the trunk.
> My dapper system was missing some things mono seems
> to need, so I expanded on the script in the readme a bit,
> and came up with
> #!/bin/sh
> set -xe
> MONOBUILDDIR=/data/dkegel/mono-cvs
> mcs --version || sudo apt-get install mono-devel
> libtool --version || sudo apt-get install libtool
> automake-1.9 --version || sudo apt-get install automake1.9
> automake --version | grep 1.9 || sudo update-alternatives --set
> automake /usr/bin/automake-1.9

You should also be able to call 'apt-get build-dep mono mono-devel'
This should install everything you need

> mkdir -p $MONOBUILDDIR
> svn co svn://
> cd mono
> ./ --build i486-linux-gnu
> make

You should also call 'svn co
svn://' immediately after
checking out mono.

> Can you update your README to show how to build some flavor
> of mono-1.2 that runs under Wine?

This should be up to date at some point later today.

Thanks for the response,

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