Problems with focus losing on virtual desktops

Jesse Allen the3dfxdude at
Tue Aug 14 10:01:17 CDT 2007

On 8/14/07, Christian Authmann <spam at> wrote:
> Moving the virtual desktop window with Hotkey+drag: lost focus.
> I've noticed that kwin seems to contribute to this. Hotkey-dragging a
> xev-window leads to these entries (keypress-events removed):
> -- snip --
> now the additional FocusOut/FocusIn seems weird and may well be a kwin
> bug that leads to this issues. Again, wine handles this good on regular
> windows, but bad inside a virtual desktop.
> After closing the opened app so that the virtual desktop (or xev in this
> case) receives focus again, it'll get a simple FocusIn event, which
> activates the virtual desktop window, but deactivates the application
> window inside.

This problem sounds similar to bug 9301 (resolved WONTFIX). Look here
for reasons.

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