Using pthread_create within Wine

Phil Lodwick Phil.Lodwick at EFI.COM
Wed Aug 22 15:53:37 CDT 2007

> Could you please elaborate on what kind of problems you have when trying 
> to use the Windows version of your library under Wine? 

The Wine socket implementation has problems when it comes to select.  A fix
for this problem is not currently on anybody's radar.

> Is there any particular reason you do not want to build a pure 
> Linux application that links in the Linux library, therefore 
> bypassing Wine entirely?

The application uses libraries that are only available on Windows.

> Your explanation sounds as if you do not have access to the source code 
> of the library, and you are therefore trying to use libraryfile.a to 
> link into a Wine .so file. Is this correct? If so, is the Windows 
> version of the library a .lib file, or a .dll file? Am I right to guess 
> your Linux version of the library resides in a .a file, not a .so file ?

No, the Linux version is a .so.

However, now that I have two threads with synchronization between them, all
seems good:

	EXE <--> Wine DLL (Win32-aware thread)
			| Synchronization between threads.
	Wine DLL <--> Linux .so (pthread_create thread)


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