[git] Playing with gitstat (can we change date for the tags?)

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at redhat.com
Mon Aug 27 09:27:43 CDT 2007


Paul Vriens wrote:
> I was just playing with gitstat (http://tree.celinuxforum.org/gitstat/)
> to see if it give some nice graphs for Wine as well (on my local box).
> I can see all the tags but for some reason a lot of tags (from
> wine-0.0.2 to wine-0.7 and after that wine-940201 to wine-980927, so
> basically every tag before Alexandre's "Initial revision") have nearly
> the same tagger/author date (around November 30th 2005). This messes up
> the ordering of the tags.
That's probably when Wine migrated to git and Alexandre imported the
history from CVS. A lot of projects will have the same problem if they
migrated from something else to git.

> Is there something I can do about this? (man git-tag tells me one
> shouldn't change tags afterwards).
A possible solution would be to have gitstat check the commit referenced
by the tag; that one has the right date. E.g "tag wine-0.0.2" references
"commit 2c25c3e9442c69bd2402f94f264f0aafa58b00e0" which has as
"CommitDate: Tue Jun 29 16:33:12 1993 +0000".

> (I've changed the necessary perl-script to only include the tags that
> are correct so I do have some output).

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