[PATCH] Support for animated cursors

Juan Lang juan.lang at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 12:06:27 CDT 2007

Hi Trent, thanks for the patch.  Generally cc'ing wine-devel isn't
necessary unless you have a specific question.

+// functions for decoding animated cursors

No C++-style comments, please.

+                //DWORD form = *(DWORD*)chunk->ckData;

Dead code should be omitted rather than commented out.

+LPBYTE *ani_frames = NULL;
+DWORD ani_frame_idx = 0;

These should be static (and initializing them to 0/NULL is unnecessary.)

+    switch(chunk->ckID) {
+        case 0x46464952:  // RIFF
+            {

This indenting style doesn't match the rest of the file.

+    if (anih) {

Nor does this.

+void decodeAnimatedCursor(LPBYTE data, DWORD size, LPBYTE **frames,
DWORD *nFrames)

This should be static, as should:

+BOOL isAnimatedCursor(LPBYTE bits)


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