getting started...

Ed Sutter esutter at
Tue Aug 28 09:11:36 CDT 2007

>>Anyway, if it makes more sense for me to just report problems that I have
>>with uCon when running it on wine, that's fine with me.  Bottom line is
>>I will do whatever is most appropriate/helpful/efficient to get it running
>>and that includes doing some wine code if necessary.
>>I also have no problem with changing things in uCon to make it work better
>>with wine.  Whichever works best.  I'm open for suggestions.
> Step 1 is: file a bug for the worst problem, and let's see what we can
> do about it!
My problem there is that I'm stuck with RH9 at the moment, and it appears
that the latest Wine RPM for RH9 is 0.9.2.  I see a few bugs already
in bugzilla related to serial com port issues; not quite the same problem
as I am seeing.  So I can file a bug report, but I would expect that the
first (legitimate) response will be that I need to run with the latest
version.  Is there any newer Wine RPM for RH9?  Or do I need to get a
new machine?  :-(

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