try2:patch for sysparams.c

L. Rahyen research at
Thu Aug 30 03:44:15 CDT 2007

On Thursday August 30 2007 07:03, you wrote:
> Hello,
> I have corrected a patch. Now font in the menu and a font in winecfg
> coincides.

	Your patch still doesn't work correctly. With 120 DPI setting font size in 
winecfg and notepad menu is different (menu' font is bigger; no so big as 
before but still bigger). As I have said, in Windows font size is the same in 
whole system if I change DPI setting and this is (correct) behavior of 
current WINE too.
	Please note that your patch behaves even worse at higher DPI resolutions. For 
example if I set:


	...In system.reg then menu font is of ridiculosly big size. In winecfg I have 
normal font size suitable for my display resolution. In fact, dword:00000096 
setting this is what I use in both WINE and Windows (in Windows I can just 
use "Custom..." menu; in WINE winecfg isn't yet sophisticated enough).
	In short: if DPI setting changes then font size should change in linear 
fashion at the same rate for all fonts.
	Also please explain what exactly you are trying to fix with your patch (what 
application)? Are you sure that Windows behaves in the same way as you 
proposing? Test case probably would be nice thing.

	Sorry, but purpose of your patch is unclear to me. In your changelog field 
you tell that "This patch does a font for the menu, statusbar and messages 
dependent from logpixels" but as far as I know WINE already have correct 
behavior and respects the LogPixels value (it already sets correct size in 
menu, status bar and other GUI elements). This is why I'm asking you for an 
real-world example (with real-world application) of what you are trying to 

	P.S. Don't forget to reply to wine-devel so others can see the discussion.

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