Read RAM from Process

Kai Lauterbach lauterbach.kai at
Sun Dec 9 06:58:53 CST 2007


at the moment I'm writing a little Linux based program to read some
variables from a Windows application. But my problem is, that i can't
access to the virtual memory of the Win App running under wine. I don't
know how to do this. c/c++ isn't the problem but the right way to do it.

I've already read the wineserver's main.c and fd.c but I think that it's
not a good way to put a code into, which give's me the chance to read
something. I need sth to connect, like /dev/mem or a network port.

My second idea was the wine debugger. Is it possible to get access the
application memory at runtime from this? I mean, without stopping the

I hope you can help me and I've described my problem as clear as
possible ;)


Kai Lauterbach <lauterbach.kai at>
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