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Mon Dec 10 07:23:46 CST 2007

Ok. I get that the program realeased by a private vendor is not good.
Nevertheless, what about the philosophy? What about:
1. The implementation shaders of DirectX 10 making the card compile GLSL
code generate by transforming the HLSL code.
2. The Implementation for D3DX9 of the "possibility" to store the HLSL
source code, transfomr it to GLSL and use the card resources to compile
the latter, so that a mor loyal executable in relation to the HLSL is at
the video card.

> The hlsl2glsl project isn't that useful. It was discussed a long time. One
> of the reasons is that the code is written in C++. Second we would need
> our parser anyway for the binary path. We agreed it is better to write our
> own parser to have more control of the code and to avoid NIH problems (not
> invented here).
> Roderick
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