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Nagarjuna Bandi nagarjunabandi at
Thu Dec 20 00:42:57 CST 2007

      Dear Wine Developers Team,
     I am using the wine for porting windows applications under linux. This is a very powerful tool for doing this job thank you very much for providing us a such tool.
     Here i am getting problem with winelib when i trying to build the notepad application with the given guidelines in winelib user guide i had made the changes to Makefile you are specifying but i got another error msg like
 [nagarjunab at ibi212 notepad2]$ vim Makefile
 [nagarjunab at ibi212 notepad2]$ make
 wrc   -I.   -forsrc.res rsrc.rc
 winegcc -mwindows -mno-cygwin -o dialog.o main.o  rsrc.res     -lodbc32 -lole32 -loleaut32 -lwinspool -luuid
 dialog.o(.text+0x1a5): In function `DIALOG_StringMsgBox':
 : undefined reference to `wnsprintfW'
 collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
 winegcc: gcc failed.
 make: *** [] Error 2
      This is the error i am getting so please let me know what is the problem and what i have to do for avoiding this problem.
      I am expecting a fast response from you.
 Thanks in advance.
 Nagarjuna Bandi ,
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