mapi32: Resolve FIXME regarding attachment lists in MAPISendMail function

Mark Neyhart Mark_Neyhart at
Fri Dec 21 15:37:00 CST 2007

Lei Zhang wrote:
> On Dec 21, 2007 10:06 AM, Mark Neyhart <Mark_Neyhart at> wrote:
>> Lei,
>> I am aware that Mozilla and Thunderbird do not support attachments via
>> mailto.  I resolved that with a simple wrapper which changes the mailto
>> option into the standard command line options which do support attachments.
>> The wrapper name can be specified the wine registry.
> Your script is probably unnecessary, since there's already a tool for
> Linux email integration called xdg-email. It doesn't support
> attachments for Thunderbird yet, but I already submitted a patch. [1]
> You should specify the attachment file names as /path/to/file, which
> is the format supported by xdg-email and every other Linux mail
> client, rather than file:///path/to/file, which doesn't work for
> anything but your script.
> - Lei
> [1]

I just used the URI style because that is what Mozilla uses on the
command line, but if that is an uncommon usage it makes sense to use
/path/to/file instead.  I also surrounded the attachment file list
with single quotes as per the Mozilla specification.  I should
probable get rid of those as well.  The attachment portion of the
mailto string will change from


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