Anyone know how to produce a win16 pkzip self-extractor?

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Dec 24 11:13:10 CST 2007

To look into
I wanted to create a 16 bit self-extracting archive.

So I downloaded
and followed the instructions in Help for creating a windows self-extractor.
Sadly, 'file' on the resulting .exe says it's just a zip file.

The help file says you can convert a .zip to a .exe
using File / Convert, but that crashes with
Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0xffffffff in 16-bit
code (12e7:be9a).
deep inside pkzip.

So I tried the 32 bit version, which according to can
do it cross-platform.

But when I tried
wine PKZIP25.EXE -add -sfx=win16 test *.TXT
it said
PKZIP: (E5) Unknown or illegal sub-option - sfx=win16
which, I think, means you have to be using a registered copy
to do cross-platform self-extractors.

I also tried the DOS version, and that just hung (grumble).

Anyone figured out a way to do this yet?

I filed a bug for a console problem related to pkzip,
but not the crash yet.
Perhaps the failure to create a real self-extractor
is another bug, I haven't tried on windows xp yet.
- Dan

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