Uninitialized static consts

Samuel Lidén Borell samuel at slbdata.se
Fri Dec 28 07:31:52 CST 2007


I discovered a static constant wasn't initialized in RedrawWindow when I
was using Valgrind. I wonder if this is a problem or not, because it has
been there since 2005 and it doesn't give any compiler warnings. AFAIK
constants can't be initialized later (unless they are pointers), so it
seems to me that this really is a problem.

I used a regex to find other occurrences of uninitialized consts, and I
found a lot of them. Most of them are interfaces, but I don't know what
interfaces *really* are, so I don't know about these. But types like
structs and unions should be initialized, right?

Here's the command I used:
grep -E 'static const [^*=;]+;' `find -iname '*.c'`

Please CC me any replies because I'm not subscribing to the list.

Samuel Lidén Borell

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