Uninitialized static consts

Samuel Lidén Borell samuel at slbdata.se
Fri Dec 28 12:00:41 CST 2007

The errors (I found some more now) occur when I run a program that I've
made myself, so it could very well be bug in my program and not in Wine.
Anyway, I've uploaded the Valgrind output and the source code of my
program here:


fre 2007-12-28 klockan 08:57 -0800 skrev Dan Kegel:
> Samuel wrote:
> > I discovered a static constant wasn't initialized in RedrawWindow when I
> > was using Valgrind. I wonder if this is a problem or not, because it has
> > been there since 2005 and it doesn't give any compiler warnings.
> static vars are located in the bss section and are initialized
> to zero by the runtime loader, iirc.
> Can you give more details about the error you found with
> Valgrind?
> - Dan

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