IDirectSound and Unknown IID

Reece Dunn msclrhd at
Mon Dec 31 14:16:10 CST 2007

On 31/12/2007, Guillaume B. <guillaume.benny at> wrote:
> Stefan Dösinger wrote:
> > Am Montag, 31. Dezember 2007 10:25:15 schrieb Vijay Kiran Kamuju:
> >> >  So the problem is that the interace
> >> > {2a8af120-e9de-4132-aaa5-4bdda5f325b8} is not supported by the current
> >> > Wine implementation. I've searched around but I couldn't find anything
> >> > about this IID. If I knew what interface it was, maybe I could
> >> > implement a stub and it might make the sound work.
> > Huh, that IID is really Unknown... Google only finds your mail, and one
> > other similar unanswered question.
> >
> > This will be tricky to figure out. The best starting point is probably to
> > write a small test which queries this interface on Windows and see what
> > happens. See dlls/dsound/tests for other dsound tests.
>  Hi,
>  I know it's unknown, that's why I asked! :) I thought someone might have an
> idea: some kind of hardware specific IID maybe... It might be documented
> somewhere in the DirectX SDK...
>  For the record, the game is Rise of Nations and there's already a bug
> reported on this: ... But the
> trace of the bug report doesn't get to this unknown IID because I used the
> native dmime and dswave DLL and a small hack so that the game gets farther.

I can't see it in the Vista and XP CLSID section of the registry.

Is it an interface that is being queried for internally by dmime or
dswave (as you are using the native versions)? That is, MS may not be
publicizing it (as it is not part of the DirectSound API), but are
using it to coordinate interaction between dswave and dsound.

It would be useful to find out if it is the game that is querying for
this interface, or if it is the native DLLs.

- Reece

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