Office 2003 Installation

Jan de Mooij jdemooij at
Thu Feb 1 14:40:09 CST 2007


I have tried to run the office 2003 installation, and in doing that I
came across the following issues:

- I think we need to undo a patch for msiexec [1]. CommandLineToArgvW
does not what we want with slashes in paths followed by an " (this
also happens on Windows). Therefore we need to parse the commandline
arguments ourselves, what's done by reverting the patch. I can give an
example of when it goes wrong if you want.

- Office 2003 installation fails with this (from the log):

Successfully launched MsiExec....
2/1/2007 8:30:55 PM  Chained install return code: 1603

 Exit code was an error.
Shutting down chained setup processing.
Set Verbose logging for subsequent setup.

BUT, when I add WINEDEBUG=+relay,+seh,+tid,+msi,+msiexec, it runs well
and installs alright, so I think it's a timing issue. Anyone has
experienced this before? What would be the best way to debug this? (I
only choose to install Word, I don't know what happens when I select
the other Office-applications)

Thanks in advance,

Jan de Mooij


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