Getting Fallout 2 to work well

Mirek thunder.m at
Fri Feb 2 10:15:52 CST 2007

Hi, for me Flatout 2 works perfect with latest CVS wine and some Stefan 
patches from 26.1.2007

I have GF6800GS, GLSL enabled, FBO enabled, thread patch (for better 
sound), ALSA, Pixel and vertex shaders enabled too.

There was big performance regression in latest wine release (0.9.30).


Joonas Koivunen napsal(a):
> Hello everyone!
> Recently I tried fallout2 again, and for some reason it has again 
> started working with wine. I searched the archives and it seems there 
> have been lots of times when it has worked and then again hasn't.. Glad 
> to see I'm not the only one interested in it :)
>  From what I gathered from old postings, there had mainly been issues 
> with mouse input, from which I at least don't suffer. Nor are there any 
> more reports (appdb at least) of it not working with the latest 0.9.30 .
> The problem I have is that fallout2.exe takes all the available CPU 
> power, optimizing that might make other old games work better too. I'm 
> interested in the task, though I haven't got much of an idea how GDI or 
> DirectDraw api's work and I'd need some pointers where to start solving 
> this problem.
> Game taking all of available CPU doesn't make it unplayable. It just 
> makes mouse movement jerky and overall feeling is that my computer (amd 
> athlon xp 1800+) is too slow :) AFAIK minimum requirements for this game 
> were something like P90 with 16MB ram :)
> Some "features" like fading to black and white (going to menu for 
> example) are simply missing (these were in use a while ago, with older 
> wine). The rendering of animations slows down (in the combat mode) if 
> the animation happens to be under the animated cursor.
> I have tried Thunderbirds (from #winehq @ 
> <>) patch, which when rendering with opengl uses 
> pixel shaders to do 8bit->32bit conversion. It resulted in a bit more 
> sluggish (compared to GDI) game play experience.
> Profiling with oprofile (GDI session) shows that most of the time is 
> used in the game (I suppose it's the "anon" from wine-preload), next 
> most time consuming is winex11 drivers X11DRV_DIB_SetImageBits which 
> seems to be doing the conversion.
> I have included a bit cleaned version of opreport -l, only the first 40 
> lines. Any help would be appreciated.
> -- 
> -- Joonas Koivunen
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